Safe, comfortable, convenient transportation for children and parents.

Drivers those are helpful, trained and certified.

 Affordable and reliable transportation for your kids!

When you have to get your kids to where they need to be, we can help. We cater to whatever your  transportation needs are: drop-off and pick-up from school, extra-curricular activities, movies, parties, special events, etc.

Your comfort and your children safety are our highest priority.

You will no longer have to worry about how your child will get to school or extra-curricular activities and back home. No more worries about the parking space, waiting for the child to come out, or dealing with the after school traffic. Limo 4 Kids is registered with the Glenview Village records office. It is insured and bonded. We provide safe, affordable and reliable kids transportation service for the Chicago North suburbs parents.

- summer camp
- hockey
- Tick tock
- baseball

Using our service will allow you to save time and money.

For more information please call Jerry or Anna at 847 809 0003 You may also send us an email with any questions to 

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